Sunday, 30 March 2008

LE GUN family exhibition moves to june

The LE GUN exhibition has now been moved to sometime in june 2008

'Dear patrons, please charge your glasses and drink heartily for tomorrow you may die'
The warped collective imagination of LE GUN presents a dysfunctional family of many generations, including a man with a crab on his head, the leopard walking heiress Marchesa Casati, and the original fat boy actor Joe Cobb. Raised on the the streets of parallel metropolis Legundon, an eccentrically Anglo-Saxon place of loose women, gin and cream cakes, and Francis Bacon's butchers shop, they are an unusual dynasty. LE GUN's gigantic black and white ink drawings record the families journey from their home cities murky streets and dens of vice, across a wild unchartered ocean to an outlandish Interzone of mind bending intoxicants and bordellos, and the jungle funeral of unloved street urchin Caliper Boy.

more updates soon

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Taehtaeh said...

Do you know now, when in june? I want to see it